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Saturday, January 19, 2002

Gosh, what a beautiful weekend! Lori and I drove up to see a friend, the infamous Stefan Jones, who was going to give me his old Macintosh Powerbook 145B. Sweet little computer, and it is the first Powerbook in my obsolete Mac collection. Looking forward to see what it can do on the net--via AppleTalk--Ha ha!

After that we drove down to Lori's brother's house and saw the new nephew Nate. The bruiser is getting big and he is super fun to play with. He even laughs at me now!

The big joke about pregnant women was always how they wanted weird things to eat, like pickles and ice cream. Well, at first Lori just wanted peanut butter spread thinly on Ritz crackers, but now it seems like every evening we have to go out somewhere for ice cream. Last night we were off to Foster's for a small soft serve half chocolate half vanilla, and tonight Baskin Robbins for a scoop of mint chocolate chip. Maybe it's the chocolate--she doesn't really like it in real life.

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Thursday, January 17, 2002

It's not me!

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So a few months ago I saw the Youngblood Brass Band. They were great. Full of energy doing New Orleans Brass Band music with a hip rapper twist, these white boys from Wisconsin sure didn't look the part. But boy they could play.

Today I heard about another band in the same vein, the Brass Monkey Brass Band. These guys are a little looser, in that they don't have a set number of players, but, at least form the MP3's on their website, they seem pretty good. I'm going to go see them at the Mardi Gras on Post St this year and I'll report back then!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Ug. I hate VPN. My work just supplied me with the information to download the software, but wouldn't you know, my router is the only one that they talk about. And the thing they say is that it doesn't work.


You can just feel the micro$oft bleeding out of this technology. Kludgy and errorprone. I tried it on Virtual PC. That didn't work, and when I tried it on OS X (all command line!) it worked once, but it timed out before I could get any DNS stuff straightened out. After that it wouldn't connect any more. It could be that my end of the world is kludgy. I mean I could just go out and get a windoze box and join the rest of the world, but as far as I'm concerned, that's like giving in to the terrorists.

Enough of that. In Real Life, if you haven't already heard. Lori and I are expecting twins. We are very excited, and the big day is probably going to be in late May or early June. You can never tell with twins.

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Ok, so I use windoze NT at work and I just got a big monitor. The monitor is wonderful, but what's with the resolution shift going in and out of the screen saver, and the login screen and what not? I have a bunch of windows I want be in certain positions, and after one of these, I don't know, phase shifts, the windows all get moved around. For instance, I have a Yahoo! messenger window up, and I put it in the upper right hand corner. After logging out and logging back in, it moves a few hundred pixels to the left. Same with the little window I use to control X windows It also takes a long time for the video card to switch modes. Uhg.

Some kind of operating system, eh?

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Ok, so I'm live. I have nothing to say right now. ;-)

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Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Well, here we go. Everyone I know that reads my page wants updates on things. This is where they will happen. Stay tuned for more.

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