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Saturday, January 26, 2002

We went to the doctor yesterday to get some more info about this deceased twin we have, and we were encouraged with his responses. Basically, Lori's looking at some increased risk over a singleton, but much less than twins. It's something you just keep your eye on. The baby's heart sounds (and looks) great, so we are happy.

Rain! About time.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Well, we had some bad news today. A week or two ago, Lori had some blood taken for an AFP blood screening test for Down's Syndrome (among other genetic disorders). It came out sort of positive, so we went in this morning for a detailed ultrasound and possibly an amniocentesis. Well, during the ultrasound, we discovered that one of the fetuses had passed away. It had some of the markers for Down's Syndrome, so it was probably just as well. The other fetus is fine however, and after all the odds are recalculated, it looks like it will be a healthy baby. We're quite sad, but at the same time thankful that the other one is well.

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