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Monday, February 04, 2002

Things are going well. Lori is feeling good, and I dumped out my den. Literally. I've been piling stuff in it since we moved here in 1999, and it was sort of like those houses you hear about where the neighbors get tired of the stench and the city guys come out and haul out 10 tons of trash. Ok it's not that bad, but I didn't have room for any more crap. So we are up to two recycling bins and my file cabinet is almost full. I'll be unpacking (finally!) all my books this week and filling up the empty bookcases. I'm trying to decide how to display my Macs. I'd like to have them in a position to be usable, but that might involve putting shelves in the closet. I think I could work a network there, or even put the printers in there.

We went to Christine and Parker's to watch the Super Bowl. I don't give a rat's behind quarters about Pro Football, but this was a surprisingly good game, and with Christine and Parker both Pats fans, it was even better.

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