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Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Well, Bink is out of his crate now, and we are carrying him up and down the stairs. It's not so bad, but he can't figure out why we're doing this. Oh well, I guess it's better than having a paralyzed and incontinent dog.

So the MINI's are here on our shores. I've spotted two of them on the street now. Lori and I drove by the local dealer one night after our birth prep class (only 10 weeks to go!) and were astounded at the dealer markups. They try and make you think you're actually getting something for your markup, but I think that $999 for paint treatment is a bit much. After that and something like $600 for LoJack (a carjacking recovery system) they still have the gall to slap on an additional $1000 dealer markup. I think I'll just wait for the beta period to blow over.

So then I thought, well maybe a GTI would be more fun, and then I found out about the 25th European Anniversary edition that's coming out with lowered sport suspension and 18" wheels. It looks awesome, and they're only making 1500 of them. Then I realized those would be marked up a lot too!

So then I was thinking, I'll just get the Miata fixed up a bit, and keep it for a while, and a guy emails me tonight and asks me if it's for sale. Weird.

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