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Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Well the realization is here that we're going to have a kid. We spent a bunch of money last weekend, as well as going to yet another baby shower--our third! (Thanks Pam, Deb, Christine, and Nellie!)--and now we have a stroller, car seat and an amazing diaper pail. You see, you can't just throw your diapers in the trash any more, oh no. You have to put them in this thing that has a hole in the top of it. You flip the handle over, and a weight knocks the diaper into the trash part, while keeping the hole sealed. Now this thing takes regular kitchen trash bags, and I'm thinking it's going to take quite a while to fill that up, and the oldest diapers are gonna be ripe. Then again, at breast feeding class (not sure why I was there...) I learned that a new born will use 6 to 8 diapers a day. Wow.

Lori's getting good at taking stuff back to the baby stores. We got a bumper (kids can't just sleep in a crib any more--they need a bumper to protect their little heads) which didn't fit at all. She tried tying it one way, and I tried another. She took it back to the store, but I guess they didn't want to argue with a pregnant woman, and she was able to get a new one that fits.

What I'm really worried about is this. Why do we need this? Who thought of this? I'm not comfortable with this.

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