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Monday, July 15, 2002

Hey, that blogchalk thing is starting to take off! As google runs through the sites that have those tags, you should be able to psycho-stalk anyone you can find. Good thing my blogs are boring. Actually, the few that I read all seem to be rehashings of each other. That's why I don't usually repeat stuff like interesting links and what not. It seems a little weird that you'd assume your readers are completely exclusive of the other sites you read. I suppose that might be true in my case, as most of the people I spend my waking hours with don't spend as much time on the web as I do.

But this weekend I did my own self install of DIRECTV/Tivo. I'm looking forward to a new era of tv watching. I've already had to turn off the tv after watching it too much in the past, and so I'm hoping the limiting features of Tivo will help me in that endeavor. I read a few things on the web about people struggling to get 70 or 80 points on the meter when trying to aim their dishes. I attached mine to the eave, made a rough adjustment with the compass and when I asked my wife what the reading was, while I was way up on the ladder, she said, "88 -- well, 89, ok 90, 89..." "Ok honey, I get the idea!" Never did get it any better!

The Tivo thing worked perfectly right out of the box, and the reception is pretty amazing. I can see where they spend more bandwidth to send things and where they spend less, though. Some of the local channels seem to have a lot of pixelation or jpegginess, but it's not too bad. The real problem now is that our TV sucks, and we may have to get a new one. Ugh, I hate these cycles!

I would have gotten the Tivo up on Saturday, but I got sick Friday night, with that fever thing I seem to be getting periodically lately. Didn't feel good, checked the temps and I was at 101 degrees. Spent all day Saturday sleeping and Sunday morning, I was fine. Wierd.

Jeff's doing great. Hungry little guy--he must be going through a growth spurt. He's starting to look around a bit more now, and man has he got a good set of pipes.

posted by Bob R. 12:18 AM

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