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Friday, August 15, 2003

And don't ever let anyone tell you I'm not Fair and Balanced! How far will the extreme right go? How pathetic that they can only continue spewing their vitriol by quashing those who would criticize them with nuisance lawsuits.

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So when we have blackouts in California, Bush's government thinks that it's our fault, but when there is a blackout in New York, it's "time to modernize the electrical system." Great.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Hey, they changed Blogger. I suppose I should post more.

Anyway, I got a callback on my resume for once. And I've also had some recruiters contact me as well. Does this mean the tide is beginning to turn? It seems like I don't get any response to submissions half the time, and the other half is all the same letter (we don't have any positions that fit, but we'll keep your resume on file). I read a thing on slashdot about being your own part time technical support guy, and when I did some browsing on, there were a million of 'em, some with exactly the same ad the guy had in his article.

My son is awesome. He's almost 14 months old now. He's nearly running, at least walking very well. "Ball" (pronounced "baw"), "balloon" (pronounced "ba-oo"), and "hi" (pronounced "hi") are all part of his vocabulary. Lori informs me that he does say "daddy" now, but I haven't really heard that yet. He's starting to get the little bits of sign language that we are teaching him, such as "all done", "eat" and "drink." He's also starting to figure out other little bits of life, like when we tell him that it's time to change his diaper, and he goes to the diaper drawer, pulls one out, and sits down to be changed.

And although I seem to be having trouble finding a job, Lori has found several, enough to reject a few and pick one that seems ideal, working in the day care for a large company here in the valley. The ratios are good, and we may even be able to put Jeffrey in for a few days a week, so that he learns to socialize with little humans instead of our mangy dogs.

posted by Bob R. 9:40 PM

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