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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Dang, I'm feeling liberal today. Air America Radio goes on the air today, featuring Al Franken. Finally liberals will have the same noisy voices that conservatives have.

posted by Bob R. 12:40 PM

Back in the '70's I had my first brush with Bad Government with the Nixon Administration's Watergate scandal. It was the first time that I followed every detail, reading the Nixon tapes transcripts in the paper and genuinely feeling like the guy was not acting for the good of his country. One name stood out during those days, John Dean, who testified in the Watergate hearings against his boss, and essentially helped cause the downfall of the Nixon Government. Well, he's back, comparing the current Bush regime to those heady days of yesteryear.

"Creepier than Nixon"

posted by Bob R. 10:11 AM

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