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Thursday, June 17, 2004

I moved my whole website over to Now all my mail and my web stuff goes there. I was with since 1993, but it's too redundant to have two ISPs now, so regretfully, I'll be ending my subscription there. I have to say that is a great ISP for the internet cognoscenti, but if you need DSL service, they don't have it.

In the meantime, I checked my Sonic web logs this morning, and it was very cool. I hadn't looked at my logs for a long time at a2i ( and I get about 1200 hits a day! The Sonic logs also show search strings, referrers, and lots of other cool info, so I'll be looking forward to checking that out. I AM a log geek!

My son is doing fine as well. This weekend is his 2nd birthday, and he is really paying attention to the world around him. And talking to it. This guy has an amazing vocabulary, and he is very perceptive. You only have to tell him something once, and if he doesn't say "Ok", he's tuning you out.

We're going to take him on the Niles Canyon Railway next weekend--we're renting the Caboose!--and have a fun birthday BBQ afterwards.

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