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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

This site is great. It shows the Electoral College vote based on current polls in each state.

Based on this, I'd say Bush has lots of work to do.

posted by Bob R. 6:13 PM

So, today was Ride to Work day--on motorcycles that is--and so I pulled the creaky old R65LS out of the garage last night to do some work to it before attempting to ride it into work. I changed the oil (really needs a filter, too), topped up the brake fluid (that needs to be changed as well) and made sure the tires were pumped up. I took it for a spin last night and put some fresh gas in it. It was nice!

Then this morning, I got out all my gear--leather jacket, motorcycle boots--and had a very nice ride into work. It was weird being up to speed on the freeway again, and I was surrounded by nothing but cars and trucks. I guess Ride To Work day isn't a big deal, afterall. Oh well. I'm going to keep my bike for a while, so if you were looking to buy it, you'll have to look elsewhere.

posted by Bob R. 4:30 PM

Monday, July 19, 2004

I sent this note to blogger tonight:
Well, I thought everything would work better in firefox, but I lost two paragraphs of well thought out thinking tonight. I know it's not much, but who wants to spend more time on something when the mere act of using preview would nuke a post? I previewd a post, it looked ok, so i did hide preview and then I couldn't edit the post. I could read it, and I could make highlight marks on it, and I even tried to copy it because I knew I would lose it if I reloaded the page, but when I did reload the page and attempted to paste my post back in, the clipboard was empty.

The safari support is weak, which is why I went to firefox. In safari there are no little fun tools and widgets to make posting easy, but at least you aren't lured into thinking anything will work.

There was more, but I didn't save it all.

Anyway, here is something that is sort of like the hilarious stuff I wrote earlier that got deleted:

So I came up with a slogan to describe the last couple of weekends at our house:
Have screwdriver, will IKEA

We've been buying all kinds of stuff from them the last couple of weekends, a computer desk and workstation, some shelves, some CD/DVD/video cases, bathroom fixtures and cabinets, and man it's really fun to put together. I think I'm addicted.

I also got around to building a shelf in the garage over the big empty space above the garage doors. I've been staring at that space for years and finally threw a 4x8 piece of plywood up there to store some stuff. It's very cool.

posted by Bob R. 10:33 PM

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