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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Couple of items.

My bike is gone. First time in 25 years I haven't had a motorcycle in the garage. That's a long time. But the thrill was gone for me, otherwise I'd be riding it a lot more.

Found out a friend of mine is a pilot. Went flying again. It was fun. I'll have to find some money to do that again. Felt good to have the yoke in my hands again, even if I sucked at flying it. From the right seat.

My company moved back to Sunnyvale. After leaving Lockheed and doing a year in Belmont/Foster City and 3 more in Santa Clara, I'm back to the Moffett Business Park again. It's actually ok. I can show off to my coworkers where the good restaurants are.

My son sees Babe for the first time last week. He turns to his mom as the movie starts and says, "Animals can't talk!" I wasn't there but later, after hearing the story, I was asking him about it, and he says to me, "But Daddy, animals can talk!"

posted by Bob R. 11:14 PM

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