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Monday, May 16, 2005

My friend Scott Heeschen, a fellow Blow King, is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail this, um, year. Starting at the Mexican border, he'll be walking all day, every day, for something like 5 months until he gets to Canada. Wow. You can read his well written journal here:

Good luck, Scott!

posted by Bob R. 9:39 PM

One of the serendipitously fun things about an old film camera is finding old film in it. I decided to take some pictures of Jeff for sending to a modeling agency or something like that. In the process, I discovered a whole set of pictures from his birthday LAST YEAR! These are now up at Jeff's 2nd Birthday. There were also pictures in there from when he was probably about one (Jeffrey 12) and then a sample of the photos I took during the "photo shoot" (Jeffrey 13). There are more of these, but they're still in the camera!

posted by Bob R. 11:11 AM

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