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Friday, November 04, 2005

We're getting closer to moving into our new place. Only this time it's not "new," it's very old. A 1914 Craftsman style house, it's been added onto with a converted attic being the most visible change. It also appears that the kitchen and eat-in breakfast nook have been added as well. The roof is an asbestos tile applied directly over wooden shingles, so unfortunately that will have to be replaced. The electrical system is a hodgepodge that can be made safe until we redo all of it. The plumbing is interesting--the waste pipe from the bathroom is busted wide open and resembles a trough instead of a pipe. The furnace is elderly and pretty inefficient, but if it works, we'll keep it around for a while. The kitchen has all the amenities you would expect from a 1936 remodel--none.

So there must be something good about it. Hmm. Oh yeah, the two downstairs bedrooms are huge. The bathroom still has its original tile in very good shape. The living room--currently painted a beautiful shade of Sharks Teal--has a wonderful picture window (with rot at the bottom) and columns leading from the front entryway. There is side front door leading to the porch on the side and a sizeable den/office/library off the main entrance hall. The addition features a nice hardwood staircase leading up to a large landing, bathroom, closet and bedroom, perfect for a mother-in-law.

And the lot is huge--7500 sq ft--with a sizeable front yard and mature trees in front. A steep slanty skinny driveway leads to the mystery garage we have not seen the inside of yet.

And Jeff loves all the little closets and scuttles that are around. We'll probably have to lock up a few so he doesn't wind up in the attic!

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