Our New Camper

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Yes, you heard right. The Camper's SOLD! Check out some of the photos that made the deal. I wish I could have kept her, but we don't camp enough, and I want to get a new car. What follows is our first enounter with the new camper...

I've had a lead on a Campmobile for a while, and persistent bugging has finally paid off. The previous owner graciously and generously let us have the vehicle for a very nice price.

cazbus behind otto
a view of the engine room

This beauty has 82000 miles on it. It has original everything. It even came with the Westfalia tent. The only problems it has are related to the fact it's been a garage queen for the last 5 years or so.

The front brakes are a bit dodgy from sitting, although the shoes look pretty good.

The rear brakes are leaking a bit, but this weekend they'll be redone.

The curtains are the original Westfalia orange and white plaid, but they're extremely old and will be needing replacement very soon.

Westy kid cot? Yep.

Westy poptop cot? Yep.

We're going to set up the tent this weekend and see how it looks.

The Westy manual is perfect. I'll scan it in for folks to look at.

oh, there's the carb!

Thanks for the pictures, Al!

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