Does this van look MINI to you?

My wife has been bugging me about one of these for quite some time, pretty much since Jeff was born. She is a big Honda fan, but Odysseys are a dime a dozen, and who wants to drive around in a Dodge? We didn't really start looking in earnest for a EuroVan until last weekend. A web search at lead us to this beauty. We went up and looked at it, and it was pretty much perfect, a 2001 with only 13k miles.

the picture from the dealer

It's much different than the current minivans being sold. Based on a commercial van, it is a huge box. There is no leather, no electric doors, no DVD player. But it drives nicely, well, as nicely as a huge box can drive, and Jeff loves it. He calls it "Mommy's bus!"

Turns out we bought a classic, though. The EuroVan never did sell well here, and after 10 years of trying, VW is discontinuing it. Who knows? Maybe in a few years we'll get one of these!

Here are some candids of the EuroVan taken on its first trip up to my Mom's and Lori's Dad's places.

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