Fix this, Bob Vila!

Quite a few years ago, I bought a very old house in Downtown San José. The main idea was to get something cheap, but with character, that I could learn how to fix up.

Well, it's been a very long road. There are two things to consider when embarking on a project like this. The first is fixing the infrastructure of the house, its plumbing, electrical, foundation--things like that. The other is doing the cosmetic stuff.

Most people don't really notice when you do the infrastructure stuff. They walk through your house going "Well, it has potential," while you're screaming, "Hey, I've got 3/4 of a new foundation, and a brand new 100 amp service panel. See?" and they don't notice.

I've been mostly working on infrastructure up to this point. Now I'm getting into cosmetic. Here are some stories about working on my house.

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