You love me. You REALLY love me!

What My Fans Are Saying

"BTW, I'm relly impressed- it looks great!" -- D. A.

"My brother John gave me the address of your Web page. It's mostly pretty cool. But in light of recent developments on Capital Hell, if I were you I'd be mighty careful about posting a phrase like "Stripping Romex." Somebody like Phil Gramm might, you know, take it the wrong way." -- P. L.

"I love your site! Unlike many other sites, the quality [and content] of your images are fantastic. In particular, "Sunset over Oslo" is sheer beauty .... postcard-esque. Judging from your photos, it seems that you've had training [or just a heck of a lot of experience!]? Oh well ... love the site!! Please keep it up!" -- T. M.

"Bob, darling! It is fabboo fabboo! And done in such exquisite taste! You remembered what I said about blinking *@#$!" -- C. B.

"Bob, I don't give a shit about your fucking home page. I don't like being inside your goddam head." -- M. S.

"I must say Bob, I haven't been on the web a bunch but I think your site is one of the largest and most entertaining." -- T. K.

"I bumped into your site off one of your emails to the cca. I had a good time going through your web page! Especially the page on 'How to fix windows'. I've been plugging away on my home and extensively improved the plumbing, wiring, and walls. I too hope to have an extensive web page about the process! Cool page," -- D.

"I just wanted to thank you for replying to my question so quickly. ususally webmasters reply very slowly, but you are an exceptional one. Thank you very much!" -- D. T.

"Bob - great work webmastering the sax stuff. Never really noticed the Mac stuff before (emailing you from a blue and white g3 350) I love my Macs, and hopefully our enthusiasm will convert a few of those folks still "on the dark side" :-) Keep up the great work, and congrats on your marriage. Our 2nd anniversary was the 31st, and it's terrific!" -- J. C.

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