1.2 The newsgroup, (and (and is a special group with a solid core of expert musicians who are as helpful as you could hope for. There's a friendly and light atmosphere in all of the discussions, and even some of the flames. If you want to get a feel for the group quickly, just turn back the clock on your news server files and have a quick scan through a week's postings. After that you should be able to see that intelligent postings get helpful replies, while over-demanding or ungraceful questions (and all the usual sins of the usenet) get nothing much at all. If you are a beginner, read this documentfirst and then post. If you're an experienced sax player with only a little net knowledge, don't worry - we're tolerant! If you're a sax wizard who's constantly on the net, you probably don't need much of a warm up to get into the swing of things. :-)

Just for interests sake, I recently conducted a survey in the newsgroup which revealed the following statistics: (June 1996)

Thanks very much for all your replies to the survey. I have received no more replies in the last few days so I am releasing the results - partly, I must say, because the trends are so strong that there isn't much need for more than the the fifty three replies I did get. I hope you find this information interesting:

The only statistic I cannot summarise is the mouthpiece. You use such a lurid selection of different brands that the sample was too fractionated to make sense. I can say that the most popular mouthpiece tip opening was a 7*, ie. .100 inches. The major ity of professionals replying had more than 3 mouthpieces.

Just to try and sum up what I have read in all your replies, I would say that the average reader of plays a Selmer tenor sax, with a Rico Royal 3 reed on a 7* mouthpiece. He dabbles with a cheap/no-name soprano and also plays alto with the same or slightly different reed/mouthpiece setup as the tenor. He plays keyboard and is known to have played around with the clarinet and guitar. He is an amateur who enjoys jazz most but is not uninterested in classical music and other genres, a nd has been reading the newsgroup for about nine months.

I hope this is amusing for you to mull over! Thanks for all your replies!

Mike Wells

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