2.18 Famous Sax Players' Setups

The following information was provided by Luis Scheker in the newsgroup. Although there will be conflicting information this list is an excellent guideline. If you see a different setup being used, it can be added - if you let me know - as a second entry for the artist. Please keep this kind of information coming!

Tenors Altos

Keep in mind that these setups are not set in stone. The pros are searching for the "perfect setup" just like the rest of us. I've talked with 4 or 5 dealers selling tenors previously owned by Michael Brecker...he goes through them like nobody else, but he always returns to his original horn. As another example, Branford Marsalis has gone from a Mark VI with an Otto Link mouthpiece to a Keilwerth with a Guardala mouthpiece, a Super Balanced Action, and now finally a Guardala horn. Endorsement deals are also a fact of life - your favorite player may be playing a horn because of the promotion and money provided by the manufacturer rather than a preference for that horn. Some professionals even use one horn on stage and another in the studio (Clarence Clemmons uses a Keilwerth BG on stage and a Mark VI in the studio). The moral - if you like how a player sounds, it doesn't hurt to try out his or her setup IN THE STORE, but don't expect too much, and never buy before you try.

Luis Scheker

The caveat about precisely how dependable our sources are can only be restated: players change their setups regularly. This list comes from Rico's information sheet (reeds only are detailed):

An unsubstantiated report tells us of Dave Guardala's setup: tenor sax guardala mouthpiece # 8.

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