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Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Dang, we're busy. Or should I say, the normal stuff of everyday life takes more time to do each day. Jeff is now over 11 pounds, and he's beginning to make wonderful baby noises. The word of the day is "a-goo". He has also figured out how to put his hands in his mouth and suck on his fingers. Groovy.

Also, succumbing to the responsibilities of being a Dad, I bought a Dad car today. My good friend K.C. (who also has been doing my hair for nearly 20 years) just got a new BMW and wanted to get rid of her old car. It's a 1985 BMW 535i, which was quite the autobahn hammer in its day. This one has 154k on it, the interior is pretty trashed, but the motor pulls well, very well, actually, and it's much nicer and quieter than a Miata.

So if you're looking for a screaming deal on a 1992 Miata with 142k on the clock, let me know.

Also, in another fit of Dadness, I decided to get rid of my motorcycle. No sense in having TWO 80's beemers in the household! So if you're looking for a functional (and restorable) 1982 R65LS with around 30k miles, let me know as well.

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