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Sunday, June 29, 2008


Bink had to be put to rest yesterday. Bink was an extraordinary dog, living far longer than anyone thought he ever would. He was probably 11 years old. We found him in our front yard in 1997, and discovered that he was blind and afflicted by some nervous system quirks that made him shake occasionally and gave him quite a personality. He was obstinate, perceptive, sensing, and quite loving. We would take him to the dog park and he would immediately find the biggest dog (how did he know?) and pick a fight with it. But he loved to curl up on the couch or bed with you and once he stopped spinning around he would finally settle down and sleep.

Bink soon after we got him.

Going to the park as a little wipper snapper.

With his "sister" Chelsea a few years ago.

Sleep well, Bink.

1997 - 2008

posted by Bob R. 8:36 PM

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